HSE Management System Development and Implementation

At TAB we believe that a comprehensive HSE management system is key to delivering organizations HSE objectives. We partner with our clients in developing fit for purpose HSE Management System specific for the organization. An HSE management System that is taken from the shelf and adopted by an organization stays at the shelf and have little chance of becoming effective. Our goal is to work with clients to develop a fit for purpose HSE management system that takes into consideration, the size of the organization, their operations, and future growth potentials. We believe HSE management should be a Hearts and Mind issue, not just to obtain a certificate to be displayed for recognition.

Our approach ensures that existing organizations business processes and practices are put into consideration, while also building the case for opportunities for improvement based on industry standard and regulatory requirements. We work with the clients for effective implementation of the Management System and provide necessary guidance to integrate the HSE Management System to the business process.

TAB can assist in the development of Policy Documents such as:

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy
  • Incident Investigation Policy
  • Risk Assessment and Management Policy
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Emergency Management Procedure
  • Contractor HSE Management Procedure